Our Team

Jean-michel, patron du gosier

Jean-Michel - the boss

Jean-Michel loves his friends. He has a lot of them: those of his long career as a marketer at Peugeot, the friends of his daughters, the friends of his wife and the friends of his friends... So when you have so many friends and still want to have new ones, what do you do? We open a restaurant, where you share drinking as well as eating, ! This is how Gosier was born. 

This is the place that chose Jean-Michel: he stumbled upon it by chance and it was obvious. It was an occasion to discover a new neighbourhood and to gain a lot of new friends: the neighbours-clients, the talented restaurants owners and the enthusiastic tourists who come back as soon as they pass by Paris. You need to know that Jean-Mi (as all his friends call him, and you are already almost one of them), as his proper english, that facilitates communication wherever you come from. Don’t forget that before marketing, he worked at Peugeot as international salesman! Nothing less!

As a true fan of good wines, Jean-Michel develops an eclectic and refined menu, following a rigorous selection... You can trust him! He is also happy to advise his customers and make them taste his latest finds...

Raul - Our Chef

Chef Raul treats you since May 2022. From the Catalan recipes he stole from his mother (Cheffe in the family restaurant close to Barcelona since…. always) to the South American inspirations coming from his more than two years stay there, passing by the traditional French gastronomy, he loves to renew, Raul makes you travel for a mealtime. 

Previously Chef at La Gare, a Gaston Acurio restaurant, he adopted there the Nikkei cuisine and became maestro for ceviches of any kind. However, it would be an error to limit your choice to ceviches as the meat cooking are always absolutely perfect: he knows how to serve them tender in the middle and crispy on top.

A generous and tasty cuisine, in which the flavors and textures will surprise you at a first time, to enchant you afterwards. 

Between us: you will always please him telling him that you enjoyed his cuisine, but if you wish to seduce him definitely, tell him that you are a Barça fan! 



Sandrine has always been around. At service when the reservations became busy, she stayed with Jean-Michel as soon as Gosier was fully booked every evening. She decided a life change as well, leave the prêt-à-porter behind, and live a restaurant life full time: one career change! One! She went back to school for few months, for a cooking training, and she is now ready to serve you a fantastic brunch every second Sunday, influenced by her tastes, Mediterranean cuisine, and her mother’s. 

Some people choose cheese And desert, Sandrine chose service And Cuisine!